Please be sure to follow the provisions listed below when creating, uploading, or streaming gameplay videos.
Allowed Content
  • ◆All episodes of Arcueid’s route and up until the opening of Ciel’s route

    * The soundtracks used for the opening animation in both routes and the ending for the Arcueid’s route are not covered by this guideline, and we ask that each content creator mutes the audio for copyright purposes.

  • ◆GALLERY Mode

    * Other than the areas listed in the “Prohibited Content”

Prohibited Content
The following will not be permitted for streaming:
  • ◆Ciel’s route and onward
  • ◆Ending credits of Ciel’s route
  • ◆Teach Me, Miss Ciel 15 - 22 and 25
  • ◆The following in GALLERY Mode
    • - Ending list of Ciel’s route
    • - Flowchart of Ciel’s route
    • - Parts of the scenario that relate to the Ciel’s route and onward
【Video Content】
Videos may NOT include:
  • - Raw playthrough without any additional content, such as the streamer’s commentary or review.
  • - Content that damages the credibility or reputation of the people involved in the production of the game.
  • - Content that suggests that the content creator is sponsored by or affiliated with the production of the game.
  • - Content obtained via illegal access and/or content that affirms or encourages unauthorized access, acquisition, modification, or alteration of the game’s data.
  • - Content that includes intellectual property rights owned by a third party without obtaining permission.
  • - Obscenity, violence, or anything produced by the content creator that can be considered morally offensive.
  • - Content that violates local laws and regulations.
  • - Other content that Aniplex of America deems inappropriate.
Regarding Social Media Posts
  • ◆Please clearly include spoiler warnings in any content so as not to prevent viewers and other players from enjoying the game themselves.
  • ◆Materials of this game and any content created using the materials cannot be used for money making purposes or to gain any financial benefit except through official monetization program provided by approved video content services such as YouTube and Twitch.
  • ◆These guidelines are subject to revision without notice.
  • ◆Videos uploaded after any guideline revisions must conform to the revised guidelines.
  • ◆This guideline is only applied to personal use and streaming. If any corporate entity (or content creators contracted with a corporate entity, entertainment agency, production company, etc.) wishes to upload content listed in this guideline, please contact us at:
  • ◆Due to the volume of the inquiries, we may not answer each inquiry pertaining to the regulation set forth in this guideline and its application to your video content.
Created: June 27, 2024